On the up

My levels are increasing which is great news. The phrase the clinic used was ‘you’re not out of the woods yet’, but they are happy it’s going the right way.

Friday – 18
Saturday – 23
Monday – 74
Wednesday – 274

Back in on Friday.


Not getting excited yet but…

We had our test yesterday. The last couple of days were terrible, worse than last time I think. I’m on a lot more progesterone and it really is making me more moody, I could probably start an argument with mid air. Not to mention the heat, phew! I stayed at home with my husband who at least understands me and that seems to help. Arguments so far: none.

We arrived early yesterday morning for the blood test. I felt so sick once I’d done it, I wasn’t expecting that. The call came a couple of hours later. It wasn’t the worst news but not a positive either. They want your level to be 25 for a positive and mine was 18. Queue a very miserable day. Well actually, I just slept for the next few hours. That and listened to the Zita West pregnancy meditation – positive thinking I decided. My husband went for a three hour walk (partly because he needed to get out, partly because he got lost! We’re staying up near the clinic for a couple of days and he’s not too familiar with the area). He makes me laugh.

They tested my progesterone from the bloods that morning and I got a call at about 5 to say that looked good. Come back in at 7am for more bloods to see if the pregnancy level decreases or hopefully increases.

Cut to the chase, its gone up from 18 to 23 so still not quite 25 but going the right way. I’m in now having intralipids. Then another wait before more bloods in the morning.

It’s not going to be straightforward it seems but it hasn’t been thus far so why change now. 

Here’s hoping for rising levels.