Post transfer blues

It seems ridiculous but I had the worst day on Monday. All should have been relatively positive but I was a mess. We had 1 Day 3 embryo transferred on the Sunday. It was a grade 4 – the best apparently – and the cells had been dividing nicely. We also had a further 5 embryos still developing with the plan to transfer another on Day 5. All good.


I was a mess.

I encouraged my husband to go out as I was just bringing him down and all I needed was to feel guilty about that too. I watched the tv in my pjs. I finally got up the momentum to shower and start the day at about 1 and just when I thought I had turned a corner, from nowhere, I found myself thrown to the floor sobbing uncontrollably! It is actually a little embarrassing to go into the tantrum I had. By myself. Whilst managing to calm myself down for short periods I repeated this episode twice more before taking myself off to bed and listening to some calming music.

When my husband came home it was all I could do not to get worked up again but he really helped and we chilled out, doing a puzzle (rock and roll I know) and decided to have some comfort food, pizza, which I have been avoiding. I would definitely argue it was medicinal.

I shouldn’t be that surprised I guess. With all the drugs in my system and also swapping from the stims to the progesterone it’s going to have an affect. 

Several days later I’m still a bit up and down although feel a bit more under control. We had the second embryo put in on Day 6 in the end. Test day is the end of next week…


6 thoughts on “Post transfer blues

  1. Just started following, so Hello! I was happy to read you had good strong embies for your transfer, yay. As for the up and down mood swings…it’s not you, it’s the drugs. Just remember you are not alone and it is completely normal.


  2. Just having a read as I started following your blog today. It’s nice to hear words I can relate to so I know us ‘infertile’ folk aren’t alone!! I totally feel your pain but I do hope the best for you – figures and toes crossed!!!! I have my IVF consultation next week. x


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